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Full text of "Pershing Chatter Vol. 22 No. 6, Mar 31, 1954 Pages 1 & 4"

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Ninth Gra 


Most Representative 

Most Popular 


In the recent contest sponsored, team inthe ninth grade. He has 
by the CHATTER, the following lettered in all these sports, 
students were elected “favorites” of John was elected councilman-at- 
the high nine class: most repre- large to serve in the ninth grade, 
sentative, Judy Whitehurst and He is the president of the Student 
Tom Mayor; most popular-, Judy Council, a member of the National 
Whitehui’st and Dick Brien; pin-up, Honor Society, and a prince in the 
Sally Bell, and Richard ICeitt. ’54 May Fete. 

The l’unners up were: most repre- John is five feet eleven inches 
sentative, K. Montgomery and John tall with blond hair and blue eyes. 
Biggs; most popular’, Wanda Phears His favorite drink is coke and his 
and Bill Jensen; pin up, Kathy favorite food is steak. 

Johnson and Gene Wood. , - 

Judy Whitehurst was chosen 

A member of Mr. Hamner’s proud 

tiuuy vv uaeiiuist, was errosen , . . . , 

, ... , homeroom has been chosen most 

most representative and most popu- i , , TT . ,, 

, . . . , .. . . popular boy. He is none other than 

lar girl of the graduating class. A fl. . 

member of Mrs. Madden’s home¬ 
room, she has dark brown hair and 

Dick Brien. 

Dick is known for his great per- 

Most Representative—Most Popular 

room, sue nas aaiK mow u iuiir anu i , 

, . - . . , . sonality and quick wit. He is a good 

eyes and is five feet, one inch tall. , , . , , . , 

T , , . , looking guy, with brown hair, and 

Judy s long list of honors are , 6 ’ . , T , ~ 

„ . , . . ..... brown eyes. Dick has been a Per- 

proof of her outstanding ability. . . , „ , ,, , . 

She was in the 1952 May Fete, footba11 letterman andl m 

. , „ ,, i J 1953 he was an escort m the May 

eighth grade Sweetheart, homeroom _ , , . , . , . , , 

. . ., ’ , Fete. Dick is a smart and talented 

president, vice-president, and secre- , . . , . , . , . 

1 , . ’ boy, having made four scholarships 

tary, gym team captain three times, , ’ .. ,, . , _ 

\ . T , TT I at Pershing and has received sever- 

secretary of the National Honor , , , 

c . , . , ,, , . , . al art awards. 

Society, received three scholarships, , . . , . „ ., , 

, ., ^ Dick picks as his favorites ham- 

and was vice-president of the ninth . , . „ , . , 

, . cA , „ „ burgers and “big orange” drinks, 

grade class. She was also Queen of ,, ,, • „ 

7, n/r „ . , . the song, “Man With the Banjo, 

the 1954 May Fete, and for the al > . , , ,, , , 

, . J . ’ ... the color red, and Miss Moreland, 

past year she has been editor-m- _ ... , 

chief of the CHATTER. I " , h * , glri f** 01 *' h * . . ?” 

0 , ... all.” His pet peeve is being tickled 

She picks fried chicken, vanilla . „ , r , * 

... , , ,, . ’ .by Sonny Young and his hero is 

milkshakes, the colors red and _ 

I 1 hpvQ op 

white (what else!), swimming and . * ... * „ 

. ' , After graduating from Pershing, 

listening to records as her favorites. _. , ... ,, , c 

! TT f T . , ^ Dick will attend San Jacinto. 

Her pet peeves are John and Garry. _ 

After graduating from Pershing Rmmer for most popular girl 
she plans to attend Lamar and then Wam)a phears; Wanda> calle d 
Rice She would to become an , „ wind b ber f rie „ds, is five feet 
English teacher or go into the field j with light brown 



three inches tall, with light brown 
of Journalism. h a i r> green eyes and more than j 

'' her share of looks and brains. 

Tom Mayor was elected the most Wanda was a member of the roy- 
representative boy of his grade by j c0urt in , 62 an d ’54. She was d 
the students in the high nine. His real boost to the football team as 
abilities, popularity, and friendli- & cheerleader . A s a member of Mrs. 
ness have made him one of the Leggett > s homeroom, she has been 
most outstanding boys of the gradu- the pres i de nt and secretary of her 
ating class. -L'- homeroom, president of the Dra- 

While at Pershing, Tom has ac- matics club> student Council mem- 
quired many honors and much popu- ber> gym team cap tain twice, candi- 
larity. He is a member of the Na- dat ’ e for sno wflake queen, and is an 
tional Honor Society, ninth grade ac tj ve m ember of the National Hon- 
class president, vice-president of Qr g oc j e t y . She has also received 
the Student Council, May Fete e&- sc holarships. 

In otit! -’ZA. snrt Ipf.t.prftd in _ , _ „^ n „mlliT 


By Steve Gosnell 

The other day, finding I hadn’t 
a ride, I decided to take the bus. 
As I get off at the first stop, I 
was to get aboard last. I was luc¬ 
ky! The bus pulled up and the peo¬ 
ple poured in until the inside was 
a shoving, pounding, seething mass 
of humanity. Then the bus driver 
threw the bus into low with a grind 
and peeled off down the street. This 
lurching start shifted the passen¬ 
gers, making room for a dozen or 
so more. They piled in until the 
sides of the bus started creaking. 
The last person slashed his way 
through the bodies into the bus. j 
The driver gasped, “No More,” 
slammed the door and an unfortun¬ 
ate person’s arm dropped into the 
street. This done he lurched out 
into the street and doyra the road 
agonizing screams coming from the 
bus. I wras fortunate to be left. It 
was the first time I enjoyed my 
walk home. 

(Forward all (choke) fan mail 
for this article to 1313 13th Street, 

A Wastebasket 

Since its invention the wastebas¬ 
ket has been a boon to mankind. 
They are used in homes, offices, 
schools and shops. Unlike the com¬ 
mon garbage can, the wastebasket 
contains only bits of paper instead 
of the usual fish heads, tin cans, 
and banana peels. Only clean paper 
should be dropped in, in a clean 
manner. The proper way is ex¬ 
plained in the next paragraph. 

The person takes a wad of paper 
in his left or right hand (since most 
people only have left and right 
hands). He should approach the 
basket slowly at approximately a 
4714 degree angle. The paper should 
not be raised above the arm pit. The 
paper is then dropped (not thrown) 
into the wastebasket. If at first you 
miss, don’t panic! Keep cool! Try 
not to give in to temptation' and 
make a basketball shot. This is an 
important point. If you should sub¬ 
mit to temptation, if you can’t re-’ 
sist, if you should make a basket¬ 
ball shot, you may have to write a 
200 word theme—like this one. 

Patio Put To Use 

The homerooms of Pershing have 
been putting the patio to good use 

Whereas the patio used to serve 
as nothing but a grass plot on 
which not to walk while going to 
lunch, it is now serving as a site 
for many homeroom parties. 

As many as two homerooms may 
use it at one time. 

So far two fine braziers have 
been bought for this purpose, and 
more equipment is planned for next 

Hades, beyond. The author was run 
over by a school bus while walk¬ 
ing home.) 


none other than the brown-eyed, 
black-haired hunk of handsomeness 
called Richard Keitt. 

Richard is a towering six feet tall 
with brown eyes, black hair, and 
looks that set all girls “swooning.” 

You usually find Richard eating 
hamburgers, drinking “big orang¬ 
es,” and thinking about Janis Pet- 
titt. His favorites include the song, 
“I’ll Always Love You,” Mrs. Scar¬ 
borough, wood shop, and the color, 
siren red. His favorite pastime is 
fishing and hunting. Richard is in 
Mr. Corson’s homeroom. 

Richard plans to attend high 
school at San Jacinto, and college 
at Texas University. His ambition 
is to become a prominent banker 
and lawyer in Houston, Texas. 

Kat’- <}. Johnson was elected run- 
ner-up for Pin-up. A popular mem¬ 
ber of Mrs. Lord’s homeroom, Ka¬ 
thy is five feet tall and has brown 
hair and big brown eyes. 

Kathy’s many honors include 
president of her homeroom, also 
vice-president, treasurer, and sec¬ 
retary of her homeroom. She has 
been a team captain and was a prin¬ 
cess in this year’s May Fete. 

Included in her favorites are 
shrimp, rootbeer, the color red, all 
boys and history. Kathy’s pet peeve 
is seventh grade flirts. 

Pin-up boy runner-up is Gene 
Good. Gene is a tall brunette with 
interesting brown eyes. 

A popular member of Mrs. Leg¬ 
gett’s homeroom, Gene picks as Ms 
favorites, food, barbeque; color, red; 
girl, Jerry White; and song, “Cud¬ 
dle Me.” He has been very active 
in the field of sports being a mem¬ 
ber of the school football and bas¬ 
ketball teams. 

cort in ’52 and ’54 and lettered in 
various sports. 

Tom is an attractive boy, six feet 

Wanda likes eating, especially 
steaks, baked potatoes, and lime¬ 
ades and her favorite color is blue. 

tall, with black hair and hazel eyes. g rad uating from Pershing, 

His favorite food is K.C. steaks. He w H attend San Jacinto. 

likes the color red and the song 
“Wanted.” His favorite sports are 
football and track. 

Wanda will attend San Jacinto. 

Runner-up for most popular boy 
was Bill Jensen, Bill is a tall five 

Monday the 17th, marked the be¬ 
ginning of another phase in the 
history of Pershing’s Projection 
Club. On Monday the club elections 
were held with the following re¬ 
sults: Joel Hochman, president; 
Lloyd. Armstrong, vice-president; 
Don Ligon, secretary; Bobby Lind- 
: say, club reporter. 


-- VYiXO JL> — 

Tom plans to attend Lamar next feet> nine j nc hes and has bluish- j 
year. After he graduates from La- green e y es and strawberry blond 
mar, Yale is his destination where 

he plans to major in law. A member of Mr. Moss’ home- 

- room, Bill, who has been very active 

Runner-up for most representa- j n sports, was on the A softball 
tive girl is the capable K. Mont- team, A basketball team, and the 
gornery. K. is well known around swimming team. Among his fav- 
Pershing for her brains, beauty, writes are the color blue, steak, 
and popularity. Her honors include m iik, Mary Day, and “The Man 
gym class leader, team captain, and with the Banjo.” 

ninth grade program committee -• 

member. K. is also a member of the PIN UP 

National Honor Society, a member Sally Bell was chosen Pin-up girl, 
of the Student Council for two Sally is an attractive brunette with 
years, vice-president in charge of hazel eyes and is five feet and five 
social events in the Student Council inches tall. 

and has made five scholarships. While making many friends at 

A member of Mrs. Perkins’ home- Pershing Sally has also racked up 
room, K. lists as her favorites: food, many honors. She has twice been 
steak; songs, “All Over Again” and a gym team captain, assistant team 
“Lonely Wine”; color, yellow; and ca ptain twice, a member of the 
college, Texas. The boy in K.’s life 1952 May Fete, homeroom presi- 
is Pat Bellamy. dent, vice-president and secretary, 

——— Cleopatra of the J.C.L. Dance. She 

John Biggs, a member of Mrs. is also secretary of the J.C.L. and 
Lewis’ homeroom is the runner-up the ninth grade class, 
for most representative boy. Sally chooses as her favorites the 

During his three years at Per- following: drink, Dr. Pepper; food, 
shing, John has proven his ability hamburgers; color, blue; boy, 
in many fields. He started the sev- Wayne Speer; teachers, Mrs. Lew- 
enth grade with a wonderful athlet- is and Miss Moreland; subjects, al- 
ic record, which he has added to gebra. 

each year. He is a star in swim- --- 

ming, track, baseball, and served Elected “Mr. Dreamstuff” of Per- 
as co-captain on Pershing’s football shing’s graduating class of 1954 is 

Spanish Out) 


On April 30, and May 1, the 
Spanish Club of Pershing went to 
the annual Pan American Student 
Forum Convention held in Austin, 
under the auspices of the Good 
Neighbor Commission of Texas. 

The group left at 6:30 A.M. Fri¬ 
day, arriving in Austin at 10:30 
A.M. The first general session was 
at 11 A.M. in the Stephen F. Aus¬ 
tin Hotel. There were various con¬ 
tests in the afternoon. That eve¬ 
ning a banquet, a fiesta, and a 
dance were held at the Austin Ho¬ 

The next morning the second gen¬ 
eral session was attended by Gayle 
Holliman and Mike O’Huron, offi¬ 
cial delegates from the Pershing 
chapter. Later they attended a lun¬ 
cheon honoring the newly elected 
officers of the P.A.S.F. 

Students from Pershing attend¬ 
ing the convention were Ann Go- 
ecke, Susan Brown, Nancy Frost, 
Mary K. Gibson, Gayle Holliman, 
Thomas Bacon, Mike O’Huron, Ju¬ 
dy Faulkner, Melba St. Clair, Gayle 
Fleming, Corliss Driscoll, Donna 
Dreschel, Joanne Koberling and the 
sponsor, Mrs. Bess Brannen.